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Now it starts!

The first stone for the website was laid in April 2017 with the creation of the Facebook group La Palma Börse by Iris Schwartz.

This Facebook group should be a platform for all types of entrepreneurs on La Palma to promote their business and their services there for free. In the course of time, the Facebook group has grown into an information and advertising portal for holidaymakers and residents. For example there are questions about electricians, dentists and restaurants or recommendations are made, for example, for car rental companies, diving centers and resorts. Currently, La Palma Börse has almost 950 members who post photos, questions and recommendations daily 

To make the collected information in the group available to everyone at all times and to keep them available, this website was built in collaboration with Marcel Jacobs of IT La Palma.

New providers are added daily. Residents and holidaymakers can easily access all important information on their mobile phone, find the location via the integrated Google map or make a reservation directly in their favorite restaurant via phone or e-mail.

A member section is planned for the future, so that all interested parties receive a regular newsletter with special discount campaigns and promotions from the companies on this site.

Also the environment-conscious “Aqua para ti” here on La Palma is part of this site.

Let’s start! Iris from La Palma 2 Go and Marcel from IT La Palma