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Dear visitors, you may be wondering what LaPalma-Go will be. I imagine an information portal where regional companies can present themselves via a business card or a page. A who-is-who of La Palma. Here, the resident or tourist can look, when and where which hairdresser opens, to which car repair shop he can go to solve damage to the car, who can help him with an inflamed ear. In addition, there is useful information about holidays, events that are pending and general information about Centro de Saluds, the police, etc. To make sure the site remains exciting, I will write a regular blog on it and who has something to say can participate in that. The more colorful, the better. Also for suggestions, which categories are also interesting, I’m always open. Currently the LaPalma-Go will only be available in German and Dutch, but a Spanish and English translation is planned. Here Spanish companies can find the same place as German companies. Greetings from La Palma and have a nice weekend.